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Louver Lover

Louvre roofs

Custom-made pergolas are designed to enhance any outdoor living area, such as patios, verandas decks, swimming pools, courtyards, outdoor kitchens and BBQs.

The Pergo Lux louvre pergola roof has been specifically designed to withstand harsh Australian climates.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings come fitted with aluminium rails, gutters and heavy-duty internal fittings to ensure maximum integrity and durability. They are available free standing, wall mounted, wall hanging or a combination of either depending on your existing building structure.

Screen louver

Louver Lover Sun Louvers are fully customisable vertical louvers that can be installed to create the ultimate shading system. These highly efficient shading system architecturally enhance any building and patio space while providing the perfect ventilation. 

Concrete benchtops

A concrete bench is a great option as low maintenance and multipurpose bench choice. Great for creating extra space for cooking, entertaining and storage. 

All of our products are customisable and tailored specifically to your preferences.

Retractable and aluminium lovre roofs are the ultimate remote controlled shading solution designed specially to maximise favourable weather conditions whilst protecting outdoor furniture and appliances when it’s raining. Customisable design and fittings are available in accordance with architectural design and your personal preference.

Complete your outdoor entertainment area with a fully customisable concrete bench top. Extremely durable and hardwearing, and one of the most versatile structures to create a benchtop for all your entertainment needs.

About our products

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