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Louver Lover

Aluminium louvres are the perfect choice if you want to design a building that lasts for several decades.

Aluminium is durable and strong.

This lightweight  material doesn’t even rust!

Why aluminium louvers

sooo good?

Customisable to you project


Aluminium is a very flexible metal and is easy to melt. Being flexible the aluminium louvres can always be custom designed to any need of the architect.

Perfect for coastal, urban precincts, retail areas or plazas and schools for easy maintenance and no rusting.

Aluminium vs Steel

Aluminium is a light metal that weights approximately a third of the weight of steel. When designing the roof of your pergola, aluminium will be a serious cost saver due to its easy installation compared to heavier metals like steel.

Aluminium reflects heat and is not too hot to touch it even on a 40 degree day, whereas in the cold weather it's not freezing.

Aluminium vs Timber

Louver roofs and screening panel made out of aluminium are cheaper as compared to Timber and offers great value for money. There’s no change in Aluminium construction due to sun exposure. Rain doesn’t corrode or affect this material as it has a protective oxide coating that protects it from corrosion naturally.

Louver pergolas and screening panels made out of Aluminium is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with just soapy water. 

Easily Recyclable

Aluminium louvres and aluminium itself are easy to recycle without losing any of its quality. Recycling aluminium only takes 5% of the energy that it takes to produce it. 

Aluminium Louvers are perfect choice because:

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