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Concrete Benches

Complete your outdoor entertainment area with a fully customisable concrete bench top. Extremely durable and hardwearing, and one of the most versatile structures to create a benchtop for all your entertainment needs. As concrete benches are poured in situ, or in a pre-cast, they can be customisable to fit into whatever space you desire. 


Protective Sealants 

In order to maintain the integrity of your concrete bench for years to come, all concrete benchtops by Lover Lovers will be sealed at the time of installation. This will ensure your polished concrete benchtop is protected from chips, scratches, stains and heat damage. Each protecting topical sealer works as both a scratch resistant and stain resistant layer. This protective layer will also include UV resistant properties to ensure it doesn’t fade with the harsh Australian sun. There are two different finishing layers available at Louver Lovers including a topical sealer and penetrating sealer. Be sure to ask us which one is best for your outdoor area.


Low Maintenance Addition

A polished concrete bench is a great option as low maintenance and multipurpose bench choice. Great for creating extra space for cooking, entertaining and storage. Due to it’s smooth finish, polished concrete benchtops are easy to clean and care for. The best part about concrete benchtops is their flexibility in terms of design and can be cut to just about any size to fit into a desired space.  


Aesthetic Value

Combined with the right furniture and accessories, concrete benches offer a modern and aesthetic finish to your backyard space. A clean-cut design to create a serene atmosphere while ageing well over time. Louver Lover concrete benchtops are handmade originals with finishing details only as unique as concrete. 

Customisable Finishing

Rising in popularity among our customers for its solid, bold, and cool to touch aesthetics, our concrete benchtops come in a wide range of options. Create different colours for your concrete benchtop various dyes and colouring agents. Various types of aggregates can also be used, such as granite and quartz to create a textured look. Our benches are available in a variety of styles and textures to achieve earthy, natural tones or more modern industrial look. Concrete looks especially good styled against green foliage and statement furnishing. 


We don’t use any heavy chemical like EPOXY in our benchtops. As well as this, our concrete benchtops are primarily made from natural materials making them a great ecofriendly option. Concrete benches are also heavy, which may require additional supporting and fixtures depending on the weight. We will work with you to ensure both aesthetics and integrity are upheld. 

Custom made Concrete Benchtops & Benches

Custom made

Concrete Benchtops & Benches

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