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Louver Lover

Aerofoil Blades

Aluminum elliptical or restangular aerofoil blades ensure insulation.

Smart control

Rain sensor closes roof automatically when raining.

Operated by remote.

Variable installation 

Panels can be installed vertically, horizontally or angled.

Variety of colours 

Choose any colour from RAL palette

Flexible design & configuration

Custom made to  fit any area.

For any Australian outdoor area

​Perfect for any Australian outdoor area.

Motorised Louvre Panels 

Motorized louvre panels are innovative architectural elements that combine functionality and aesthetics.

These panels consist of a series of adjustable louvres that can be operated remotely, allowing for precise control over sunlight, ventilation, and privacy. With the ability to tilt, open, or close the louvres, motorized louvre panels offer customizable solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They can be seamlessly integrated into building facades, pergolas, sunrooms, and other structures, providing a sleek and modern appearance.

Whether it's regulating natural light, optimizing airflow, or creating a dynamic visual effect, motorized louvre panels offer a versatile solution that enhances comfort and adds a touch of sophistication to any architectural design.

Vertical Sun Louvers

Louver Lover Sun Louvers are fully customisable vertical louvers that can be installed to create the ultimate shading system. These highly efficient shading system architecturally enhance any building and patio space while providing the perfect ventilation. 


Protection and Ventilation 

Our customisable range of vertical sun louvres are ideal for maximising air flow naturally creating a cool and calm environment. Louver Lover external vertical louvers provide protection from all elements including rain, wind, storms, and even harsh sunshine. Keeping your outdoor furniture, and family protected no matter the weather.


Extruded Elliptical Aluminium

The Louver Lover sun louver system is engineered from extruded aluminium in an elliptical shape. This aerofoil shape is specifically designed to regulate lighting and heat gain throughout the day. Louver Lover external vertical aluminium louvres are available in a variety of widths depending on wind load. As much as 80% of the sun’s heat is reduced using vertical sun louvres. This then reduces energy consumption and costs used to power air-conditioning. A win win for saving energy and money!


Aerofoil Shaped Design 

Due to the aerofoil shaped design, vertical louvres help to control shade and light into your backyard area. Not only this, but the external vertical louvres create a secure and private environment, whilst naturally reducing noise. The design of the vertical aluminium louvers allows vision from inside and out as required and is completely adjustable depending on your preferences. 


Customisable Options

Louver Lover exterior louvres are available in a variety of colours. Power-coated, anodized aluminium or PVDF coatings are also available for the frames and blades, making them extremely durable yet lightweight. Blade control options are customisable to operate by manual friction, mechanical or electrical remote control. 


Variable Installation 

Louver Lover aerofoil sun louvers can be installed vertically, horizontally or angled. In addition, the louvres can be fitted fixed or rotating with customisable blade widths. These blades can be adjusted manually or by a motorised switch control. Whatever customisable option you prefer, Louver Lover vertical louvres are sure to have it.


Structural Integrity 

Louvre Lover sun louvres are suitable for a variety of structures including modern commercial buildings, large scale glass, and windows providing the perfect sun shading solution. Customisable design and fittings are available in accordance with architectural design and your personal preference.  The customisable mounting provides you with a highly efficient shading system ideal for most Australian backyards and environments, even commercial.  


Louver Lover vertical sun louvers can be made fully customised or supplied ready-made. Every aerofoil louvers features shade and light control, weather protection, and ventilation to create the ideal environment for entertaining and relaxing. A versatile option that looks great and adds value to any home.

Motorised Louvre Panels 

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