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Louver Lover

Custom made

Retractable Awnings

Fire retardant & waterproof  fabric

Smart control

Watertight guttering

Structural integrity & durability

Flexible design & configuration

For any Australian outdoor area

Create all year-round protection from any kind of weather with Louver Lovers Retractable Roofs. Retractable roofs are the ultimate remote controlled shading solution designed specially to maximise favourable weather conditions whilst protecting outdoor furniture and appliances when it’s raining. 

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Extension

With just the touch of a button, the retractable roof can be extended to provide shelter from rain, harsh UV or high winds. Or if you want to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and enjoy the view, the roof can be retracted. Louver Lover retractable roofs are available in many design options, with the addition of side screens to create a totally enclosed area. 

Rain, Sun & Wind control

Due to the high tension of the PVC fabric, the canopy of our retractable roofs offers a 100% waterproof flat surface guaranteeing no rain will get in. Each roof is installed with an anti-rain flap creating an edge fold and awning frame designed to prevent rainwater entering even on windy days. Our retractable roofs are also installed with an inbuilt downpipe to effectively funnel water off your roof. 

Remote control 

Our retractable roofs are 100% remote controlled. Create a cosy atmosphere at the touch of a button. Rain and wind sensors are also available as an additional option to automatically retract or extend your roof whenever the weather turns. Retractable roofs provide a real wow factor to maximise your outdoor potential and bring your entertainment dreams to life.

Structural Integrity & Durability

Louver Lover retractable roofs come fitted with aluminium rails, gutters and heavy-duty internal fittings to ensure maximum integrity and durability. Our retractable roofs are specifically engineered to withstand strong winds up to 50km/hr. 

Energy Savers 

Retractable roofs are also great energy savers. By blocking harsh sunlight in summer, this helps to keep your outdoor area cool, which filters into your home as well.  Retractable roofs provide amazing insulation and add to buildings thermal effects. This helps to reduce the need for air-conditioning, creating natural ventilation and reducing energy costs. 


Flexible Design & Configuration


Retractable roofs are available free standing, wall mounted, wall hanging or a combination of either depending on your existing building structure. Each will be built with posts and base plate, custom made brackets, fabric support. 




Options to include a motorised side screen, linear strip of LED lighting, rain and wind sensor and cooling system are also available. Installing a retractable roof will immediately add value to your home by opening up your space and creating light.  

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