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Louver Lover

Custom made

Waterproof & Motorised Louvre Roof

Lighting options

To create the perfect atmosphere when the sun goes down, each PergoLux Louvre roof can be installed with a linear strip LED light dependent on the size of the roof. Available in bright white or soft white, whichever your preference.

Electric heater

Extend your patio season with the outdoor heater. 

The electric heater is weather proof and can be fully exposed to the elements, providing warmth and comfort to your outdoor louvered pergola. 

Motorized side screen

The structures can also be supplemented with new side screen which are motorized and operated by special guides and closures which completely cover a space. 

Sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors provides total protection and all-round vision, separating or opening indoor and outdoor spaces.

Screening louver panels

Our customisable range of vertical sun louvres are ideal for maximising air flow naturally creating a cool and calm environment. Louver Lover external vertical louvers provide protection from all elements including rain, wind, storms, and even harsh sunshine. Keeping your outdoor furniture, and family protected no matter the weather.

Colour options

Pergo Lux Pergolas are available in two colours that easily compliment your existing home aesthetics. These include Traffic White and Anthracite Grey.


The extruded aluminium louvres can also be powder coated in any colour of your preference from our extensive colour chart.


These optional add-ons will take your outdoor living space to the next level.

Aerofoil Blades

Aluminum elliptical or restangular aerofoil blades ensure insulation.

Smart control

Rain sensor closes roof automatically when raining.

Operated by remote.

Watertight Guttering

 Water is safely run off into downpipes.

Structural Integrity and Durability

Tested for storm and hurricane - can withstand any weather conditions.

Flexible design & configuration

Custom made to  fit any area.

For any Australian outdoor area

​Perfect for any Australian outdoor area.

Outdoor kitchen & BBQ
Verandah deck
Swimming pool


Structural Integrity and Durability

The Louver Lover system is constructed from premium aluminium and stainless steel to ensure the integrity and durability of your louvre system for years to come. Each structure has been engineered to withstand high force winds, heavy snow loads, and all other weather conditions in between.

Perfect for any Australian outdoor area

The Louver Lover Pergo Lux system has been designed to endure all Australian climates, including the harsh coastal climates. Pergo Lux custom made pergolas are ideal for any outdoor living area including patios, decks, verandas, courtyards, outdoor kitchen, and surrounding swimming pools. Take control of sun, shade and light while providing ventilation and rain protection, with just the push of a button. A weatherproof system with nearly 100 degree rotation for the ultimate climate control. 



Warmer in winter & cooler in summer

louvered roof systems are made from extruded architectural grade aluminium at a thickness of 2mm. Their aerofoil shaped design create superior insulation compared to single-skin aluminium louver by creating a greater insulating gap.

The advanced aerofoil system is designed to keep you warm in winter by reducing heat loss through the roof. 

On hot days, aerofoil louvres reduce heat radiation to the space below, keeping you cool in summer while providing extra ventilation. The ultimate climate control.



Remote control & Rain sensor


Our Louvre systems are installed with automated control units allowing complete control of the louvres by remote. As well as this, the louvres come equipped with smart rain sensor that automatically interlock whenever rainy or windy weather conditions develop.

A louvre roof with a rain sensor allows you to leave your shutters open even when you aren't there to control them. If it does rain while you're out, then the shutters will take care of themselves. 




Watertight Guttering


Architecturally designed gutters are fitted along the inside perimeter of the louvre roof framework. These ensure the entire louvre system is watertight while safely directed run off into downpipes. These can be integrated into traditional built structures to ensure structural integrity. The overlapping blades ensure water tightness and no chance of leaks or damage.


PergoLux custom-made pergolas are designed to enhance any outdoor living area. Such spaces include patios, verandas decks, swimming pools, courtyards, outdoor kitchens and BBQs.

The Pergo Lux louvre pergola roof has been specifically designed to withstand harsh Australian climates. Architecturally engineered structures designed to withstand a multitude of weather conditions including winds and heavy snow loads.

Our louvred roof patios are constructed entirely from aluminium and stainless steel to repel rust and maintain integrity for years to come.

Just the push of a button gives you complete control over sun and shade. The weatherproof louvre systems allows for ventilation and rain protection with nearly 100-degree rotation. Ultimate climate control for any backyard space with aerofoil- shaped louvers for the most advanced insulation.

Why choose PergoLux louvre roof by Louver Lover?

Take control of weather


No matter the weather conditions, Louver Lovers help you take control by providing protection from rain, sun, and wind while offering premium insulation. With just the push off a button you can adjust the rotation of the blades to interlock or open depending on the weather conditions. 

Closed for Heavy Rain

Louvres are designed such that they will interlock to keep out the weather. Deep channels in each louvre carry water away to the in-built surrounding gutter.

Fully Open

With louvres opened at a desired angle, protection is still provided for light rain penetration meanwhile ventilation and shade protection is still achieved.


With louvres opened at a desired angle, protection is still provided for light rain penetration meanwhile ventilation and shade protection is still achieved.

Open at any Angle

Hot air rises you can leave the louvers partially opened. Open at an Angle Tilt the louvers such that the sun is blocked but the warm air can escape through the opening at the louvers thus keeping the place cool.


Flexible design & configuration

Our Louver Lover Pergolas are customisable and designed to fit into your backyard space. Our range of adjustable roofing systems can be incorporated into a range of different structures to complement existing buildings or simply be freestanding.

Pergo Lux louver are fitted with modern architectural fixtures allowing seamless integration into any home structure.

• LED light on louver blade.

• T500 louvered roof systems are are engineered to withstand winds up to 120km/hr and 20-50 kg/m2 snow loading.

“PergoLux” – suitable for residential properties.

T500 - Elliptical Aluminium Aerofoil Blades

• LED light louver blade & RGB light around 4 beams.

• T600 louvered roof systems are are engineered to withstand winds up to 220km/hr and 100-160 kg/m2 snow loading.

“Heavy Duty” – suitable for extreme weather conditions and commercial properties

T600 - Rectangular Aluminium Aerofoil Blades



Louvre roof options

Traffic White
White & Grey
Anthracite Grey
Colour of your choice
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